Green Earth Hemp Full Plant Extract with Roots


  • Full Plant Extract
  • 400mg of CBD 1 gram
  • Third Party Tested


CBD Full Plant Extract means the product contains the wide range of cannabinoid compounds, naturally offered in the original plant. With this approach, the plant’s potentially therapeutic compounds. Like terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, we retain as much as possible.  You will end up getting substantially more benefits than an isolate product.  This diversity not only provides the flavor and aroma of a plant.  But also contributes to the unique experience and therapeutic effects of individual strains.  The final product will contain all of the beneficial component found in the natural plant.

How We Make Our CBD Full Plant Extract?

Our extraction processes of the hemp oil meets the strict requirements of the GMP. Hemp oil extracted from the ground fibrous stalk parts of the hemp plant.  Then put through an alcohol cold bath. The extraction and decarboxylation process parameters also optimize for a higher cannabinoid yield that results in a phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp oil. The extracted hemp oil subjected to a rigorous analytical testing to ensure the absence of pesticides, microbes and organic solvents according to established acceptance criteria.

How To Use:

Each syringe is one gram with 10 milligrams. A serving is 1 milligram. Extract either can be eaten or used as a topical. First put syringe in Warm Water to loosen content. Then gently press dosage on to finger.



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