Green Earth Hemp Honey Sticks – 3 Pack


3 Pack of Delicious Honey Sticks

10mg of CBD in Each Honey Stick

Wildflower Honey Flavor




An easy way to enjoy CBD on the go is to have it handy. Sold as a 3 pack, we infuse our honey with the best quality cannabidiol (CBD) Co2 extract from the hemp plant. We then combine with with wildflower honey. Each serving contains 10mg of CBD.

How CBD Honey Sticks Work?

Honey Sticks are a straw filled with liquid CBD honey. Both are enjoyable and delicious, and both contain the essential component of CBD. The liquid straw option tends to be more common. Combining CBD and honey seems pretty logical. After all, honey is one of the original superfoods, consumed for a myriad of health benefits. Adding CBD into the mix is the latest way to benefit from a healthy lifestyle.  Hardened honey sticks make a great snack as well, and it’s much healthier than gummies! Liquid CBD honey sticks can be poured directly into the mouth. Suck the honey out of the straw for a super easy CBD dose. For the benefits of sublingual consumption, you can hold the honey in your mouth for a bit, like you would with a CBD tincture.

Why Honey?

  • Honey is completely natural
  • Honey is full of antioxidants
  • Great for sore throats
  • Compounded benefits of CBD and honey
  • Versatile product
  • Portable and convenient
  • Honey supports bees



  • Wild Flower Honey
  • CO2 Hemp Extract