Chamomile CBD Hemp Root Tea – 10 Pack


500mg of CBD Total

50mg Of CBD Per Serving

10 Servings Per Bag

All Natural, Flavorful Chamomile Hemp And Hemp Root TEA

Third Party Tested




Our hemp CBD tea is a hot infusion of crushed hemp flowers, buds, seeds, hemp root and leaves.  When heated in water, the plant decarboxylates. It then releasing its raw cannabinoids onto the water. A bit of fat enables their absorption into our organism because cannabinoids are fat-soluble. Hemp CBD tea typically contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids.  So they can produce the entourage effect, creating the different types of cannabis compounds are taken together, while producing a more robust effect.


History has shown a long utilization of hemp root as medicine.  The Chinese herbalist, dated to around 2700 BCE. The Hemp Plant contains all the natural Cannabinoids and terpenes.  With Shennong pên Ts’ao ching, one of the oldest Chinese medicine books, mentioning the use of the roots of cannabis as a remedy to soothe pain. The Chinese used the entire plant for their medicinal preparations.  But they paid particular attention to the roots, which required more sophisticated processing. The roots were first dried, then ground to powder and mixed into a paste with fresh juice pressed from the same plant.  In addition to paste, the Chinese used the roots for juice and ammunition. The juice pressed from the roots was used as a diuretic, and even to stop bleeding during childbirth.



  • Chamomile Flower
  • Hemp Flower
  • Hemp Root